24 Days of Giving

This is your access to the 24 Days of Giving Challenges from January 2017!

Our list:

January 1st: Ask for forgiveness
January 2nd: Forgive someone
January 3rd: Feed the hungry
January 4th: Clothe the naked
January 5th: Comfort the broken
January 6th: Heal the sick
January 7th: Give a Drink
January 8th: Visit a Prisoner
January 9th: Parent Appreciation
January 10th: Grandparent Appreciation
January 11th: Wash Someone’s Feet
January 12th: Set Captives Free
January 13th: Compliment
January 14th: Pay it Forward
January 15th: Build a House
January 16th: Beach Clean Up
January 17th: Suffer Ye Children
January 18th: Take Care of Babies
January 19th: Serve Women in Suffering
January 20th: Carrying Groceries
January 21st: Military Care Package
January 22nd: Animal Shelter Day!
January 23rd: Help a mom
January 24th: Help someone read

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Enjoy 🙂