Crowns & Thorns


Today’s Worship Wednesday is a liiiittle bit different from a normal worship song. I am unapologetically a huge fan of Christian Hip Hop (CHH). I believe that CHH is the best crafted music with the label of Christ because, to be frank, most Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is down right shamefully poor. Much like the Christian movie industry, CCM wreaks of an attempt to be “safe for the little ears” with no real substance or theological depth. Many of these artists are talented, it just feels like they’re not trying at all.

That said, in high school I was introduced to CHH artist, Lecrae and I initially rejected his music because I didn’t like hip hop. But the more I listened to it, the more I saw an amazing message that was lacking in everything else I was listening to. Fast forward 10 years, and I’ve gone head first into CHH and even some (gasp) secular hip hop. One of the guys that’s good friends with Lecrae is from Tampa, FL and is named KB. KB’s newest (i.e. came out 2 years ago) album is masterful. It’s called Tomorrow We Live and is definitely worth the listen. The song below is a remix of Hillsong’s Oceans and it was my first real introduction to this album. I highly encourage a full listen, so check it out!



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