Restore NYC

For today’s Freedom Friday, I want to take a look at an organization that’s local to where I live called Restore NYC.

According to their website, Restore NYC was started by social worker, Faith Huckel in 2009 after she read about some “unusual domestic violence” cases in homeless shelters amongst foreign women. This sparked a curiosity in Faith to learn more about the increasing numbers of foreign women being trafficked in and out of the city.

Because these women had trouble with English, they would end up in domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters with no way out. Faith saw this suffering and decided to do something about it, and so Restore NYC was born.

So what is Restore NYC? Restore NYC is an anti sex trafficking organization that works with law enforcement to prevent trafficking and rehabilitate victims of trafficking. Those that have been trafficked are placed in a safehouse manned by volunteers and licensed counselors and social workers to ensure the best possible care. And they get results! The following is from their website:

Restore 135 organizationsRestore 115 percentRestore 82 percentRestore 7 of 8

If you’re local to NYC and you’d like to get involved with Restore NYC, you can go to the volunteer section of their website and get on the waiting list for volunteers. In the meantime, a majority of the women in their economic empowerment program are moms, so if you would like to help them have a better Mother’s Day, you can donate here.


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