International Justice Mission

I’ve talked about IJM a lot on this blog and other areas of social media. It’s the abolitionist organization that I support the most because they have a proven track record of rescuing people ethically and sharing the gospel as they do it.

One of the great parts about supporting them is signing up for their mailing list and hearing how God is using them for his glory. Earlier this week, I got to read this story:

Helen* and Emilia* are sisters. Like sisters do, they shared everything when they were little girls. They shared the same room, the same toys and the same loving parents.

They also shared a devastating secret. They had both been sexually abused by a neighbor.

Helen was 6 at the time. Emilia was 3.

When their parents reported the abuse at their local police station, someone told them the crime didn’t seem “that serious.”

We know this is serious. When their parents came to us, we took on this case and counseled Helen and Emilia right away at no charge. This was only possible because our supporters sent us.

Through countless hours of therapy, the sisters began to heal. They had endured abuse together, and now, thanks to IJM supporters, they would heal together.
But many other children around the world still live in fear of abuse.

I love supporting IJM and their work. If you have a moment, check out their website and sign up for their email list and see how their work impacts real people. Be sure to look into a free Shop & Support account to donate to IJM, too!


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