Freedom Friday

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m passionate about human trafficking and have tried to drive home the importance of doing all we can to combat it. I realized that many of my friends and family don’t keep up with abolitionist (antislavery) organizations the way I do, so hey may not understand the needs and successes that happen every week. As a result, when I was thinking about a new blog structure, it was important to me to include Freedom Friday.

For this Freedom Friday, I want to talk about Thorn. If you’ve heard of it, it was most likely from this video of cofounder, Ashton Kutcher addressing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about a month ago:

Originally founded when Ashton was married to Demi Moore, Thorn was first known as DNA, or the Demi and Ashton Foundation. I first learned of them because of a “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign they ran 6 years ago while I was writing an anti trafficking term paper for a college economics class.

This week, Thorn came out with their Impact Report for 2016, which is a breakdown of the fruits of their labor for the 2016 calendar year. This report includes information from survivors of human trafficking raids, a breakdown of how their work deters people from searching child abuse content online, and their goals to accomplish more in the future. The report is helpful in understanding how technology can help in the fight to end sex slavery in the US and over seas. Be sure to check it out!


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