Comfort the Broken

Last year, I went to counseling for depression and anxiety issues from March until December. In that time, I had a few nervous breakdowns, one resulting in a 3 hour emergency session with my counselor. Unless you read my blog last year or were immediate family and friends, you probably wouldn’t know what I was going through emotionally. It was incredibly easy to hide what I was going through except for a few sporadic instances where I couldn’t hold it in.

When I finally got the courage to look for a counselor, I visited the website for an organization that I love and have talked about for years called To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA has been running for almost 11 years and is based right here in Melbourne, FL. Under their “Find Help” tab, there’s a directory of counseling offices from around the country, including the office of Florida Counseling Centers, which is where I met with my counselor.

I say this to first give resources to those who may need it. If you feel too much, please seek help. It was one of the best decisions I made last year and I believe counseling can be beneficial for everyone.

The challenge for today is to comfort someone who is hurting. If you feel so inclined to give or shop with TWLOHA, their store is right here and their donation page is here.

In the words of Jamie Primak Sullivan, “I love you today, go and have a great day.”

Recommended reading: Matthew 5:1-12

Song of the Day: “Hope Is The Anthem” by Switchfoot


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