Feed the Hungry

The next several days were inspired by one of my favorite college professors and one of my favorite passages of scripture. Those that have known me for a while have probably heard me talk about Dr. Clifford McCue’s Business, Government, and Society class at Florida Atlantic University. I’ve told the story a few different times (though not on here) of how Dr. McCue’s class changed my life. Maybe I will tell it here one day. It was my favorite class my freshman year of college and I owe Dr. McCue a lot for how my views on serving one another can benefit businesses, in addition to society as a whole.

One thing we talked about in Dr. McCue’s class was the way Christians serve vs the way scripture calls us to serve and he cited Matthew 25:31-46, highlighting in verse 40 where Jesus says, “whatever you do for the least of these brothers and sisters, you do for me.” That’s the direction I want to hone in on for the next little bit. Remember that serving one another is a gift to God, first and foremost.

So, today’s challenge is simple, if you see a homeless person out in your day to day life, give them a meal. If you’re unable to do that for whatever reason, today’s featured nonprofit is a small organization based out of Downtown Melbourne and their web page is below!

Featured Organization: Daily Bread

Recommended reading: Matthew 25:31-40

Song of the Day: “The World You Want” by Switchfoot


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