So, I had been inspired to have a freedom week towards the end of May and figured the best time would be during the 4th of July week. A few conversations I had had along the way challenged me to grow and develop the formatting. Specifically, on the fourth, a friend of mine had asked what people can actually do to fight injustice, so I decided to add this component to Freedom week.

  1. Educate yourself. There’s a lot of research out there done by nonprofits like IJM. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more intelligent decisions you can make!
  2. Watch what you buy. A lot of our clothes and food is made in whole or in part using slave labor. There’s actually a really cool website that can help you see where your spending supports trafficking, so you can know where to cut back. Check out slaveryfootprint.org!
  3. Talk to your local leaders. Call and write your congressmen and senators to make sure they’re aware and actively working against trafficking. You can find your congressmen here and senators here.
  4. Speak up! Keep your eyes open and pay attention to any alarming situations. Make sure you have the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline’s phone number in your phone (888-373-7888).
  5. Support Antitrafficking Efforts. Now, a lot of you have followed this blog enough to know that I have given up my last few birthdays to raise funds specifically for International Justice Mission because I appreciate their work so much. However, there are other ways that you can raise funds, whether it’s plan a 5K, hold a bake sale at your church, or sponsoring a child with Compassion International.

Hopefully, you’ve followed along this week and learned about some well known and lesser known human rights activists and abolitionists, as well as ways to get involved with the fight. If you think of any other ideas or ways that someone can help, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for following along this week!

With love,

your sister in Christ.


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