Day 4: Zach Hunter

Notable quote: “Is feeling bad enough?”

Background: Now, Zach Hunter is a bit of a different abolitionist. He got his work started new.hunterwhen he was just 12 years old. He first learned about modern day slavery from his mom who got a job working for International Justice Mission. Like most 12 year olds, he was surprised to hear that slavery still happened. As he notes in a video he did with Student Life, “I was thinking, if I had lived back then [during legalized slavery] I would have fought for justice and against injustice and that includes slavery.” He has since written 4 of my favorite books, Be the Change, Generation Change, Lose Your Cool, and Chivalry.

Activism: So, Zach decided to start a fundraiser called Loose Change to Loosen Chains. The Student Life video about it was actually how I learned about human trafficking. LC2LC was a really simple way for young people to get active in the fight against human trafficking. They provided yellow cups for kids to sit outside shopping centers and collect change, along with information about human trafficking and International Justice Mission. It’s now grown and plugged into IJM as the activism arm for teens and young adults.

Why I Admire Him: First of all, Zach is really cool. He spoke at Disney’s Night of Joy a few years ago and a friend of mine got to meet him. He was super humble and friendly. Second, Zach is very passionate about getting our generation involved in activism. He believes ordinary people can take actions for extraordinary change, and he’s right because we do.

A song that reminds me of him: Free by Switchfoot


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