Day 1: William Wilberforce

Notable Quote: “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Background: William Wilberforce grew up in 18th centuryWilliamWilberforce3 Britain as part of a family that participates in what Propaganda would call Evanjellyfish Churchianity. John would probably just say lukewarm and the culture would go for nominal. In 1784, he went on a trip that went awry and ended up becoming a Christian at just 25 years old. Becoming a Christian had a profound influence on his life and greatly affected his activism. That was also his first year being part of the British Parliament, which he served on until his death  in 1825. If you’ve seen Amazing Grace, he was played by Ion Gruffudd.


Activism: According to “Moral Capital” by Christopher Brown, William Wilberforce’s involvement in the abolition movement was motivated byam i not a man a desire to put his Christian principles into action and to serve God in public life. One of his biggest areas of progress was utilizing fashion for change. A friend of his, Josiah Wedgewood, designed a medallion that took the culture by storm and ended up being a household staple.

Utilizing the help of his friend William Pitt, William Wilberforce fought to introduce the bill that would eventually free slaves in Great Britain.

Why I admire him: I greatly admire his faith and that he put his words and thoughts into action. He fought for those who could not fight for themselves and was relentless in his fight against tyranny, recognizing his own part in it.

A song that reminds me of him: For Those Who Can’t Speak by Tenth Avenue North


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