Have courage and be kind

Cinderella is my favorite princess. I love all versions of her story, from the Grimm Brother’s tale to the 1950s technicolor to the 2015 live action adaptation, Cinderella has been the main exception to my tomboyish ways because she was completely herself. She showed integrity in the midst of crummy situations.

One quote I really enjoy from the 2015 film is, “We must always remember to have courage and be kind.” That’s been a bit of a mantra for me lately. As darkness creeps in and threatens to steal my joy and my heart for service, I keep reminding myself, “It’s okay. Have courage, be kind,” and most importantly, “This, too, shall pass.”

It will. That’s a fact. I know that life won’t look like this forever, that God is in control, that I won’t always wake up and wish I hadn’t. Yet, in this discouraged state, I can’t let the darkness win. God created me for more than I can imagine. He created me for himself.

So, I have begun a behavioral shift, which will result in a shift in my writing as well. I’m going back to the things that make me whole. I’m going to give more and serve more and love more. For my first act of giving, I’m continuing a habit I made when moving a long time ago. 

Every time I move, I make 3 piles: one of stuff I’m going to keep, one of stuff I’m going to throw away, and one of stuff I’m going to give away. I am actually in the beginning of moving, so this is super relevant, anyway, but I’m going to be donating a lot of my old/gently used stuff to CITA Rescue Mission, which is a homeless shelter here in Melbourne that I’ve done a lot of volunteering with in the past. And this wouldn’t be a giving opportunity without me extending it to others, so Melbourne peeps, if you have things you don’t use that could benefit someone else, I’ll be dropping my stuff off on July 5th, so send me a text and I’ll pick yours up to add to the pile!

Thank you for joining me in this journey. With love,

your sister in Christ


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