“Jesus came to heal the sick and set captives free.”

These were the words of Pastor Jeff as we started our study on Mark at Northside Presbyterian Church. Earlier that morning, our Old Testament reading was from Isaiah 61, referencing what Jesus would come to do. Over the next several months, he has gone to great detail to illustrate how the physical sickness and captivity are shallow pictures of the spiritual sickness and captivity in our lives. The real miracle wasn’t making the blind man see, the slaves freed, or bringing the dead man to life. It’s opening our eyes to spiritual blindness, liberating us from the captivity of sin, and regenerating our hearts to bring us to life in Him.

Of all of the reasons I have to be thankful to our military men and women, think it comes back to that. I believe what our military does is necessary, honorable, and important. Thankfully, their sacrifice has never made it necessary for me to go to war. The biggest blessing is that, because they fight for our physical freedom, I am able to celebrate my spiritual freedom in Christ and serve Him daily.

So, thank you to the family and friends who shared their fallen soldiers with our country. I do not take lightly their willingness to lay down their lives for me and to make our country a better place.

Happy Memorial Day.

With love,

your sister in Christ


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