January 21st: Prisoners

A few weeks after I graduated high school, a friend of mine was arrested and eventually sentenced to a few years in prison (I don’t know the exact number). Truthfully, I have no idea what the charges were. What I do know is that I tutored him in English, Social Studies, and Chemistry. The tutoring actually extended past high school because he was getting his GED. Then, he just disappeared.

He was the person I thought of and wrote to during the 21 Day Challenge. Now, through a different lens, I see his imprisonment as a metaphor that sin can hold in your life. My pastor, Jeff Godwin has stated during our sermon series on Mark that Jesus came to heal the sick and set captives free.

I encourage you to reach out to someone in prison and write to them a letter of comfort. To find someone (if you don’t know someone), go to your local sheriff’s website and search for cases where you can mail a letter. Pray over the person before you send it.

As we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, remember those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

Recommended reading: Romans 6:15-23

Good jam: “Cathedrals” by Tenth Avenue North


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