January 18th: Share a Meal with (Part 2)

I want to go a little bit deeper into the scriptural inspiration for this series than I did in yesterday’s post.

Diving into Matthew 25:31-40 a little bit, many Bibles will head the passage as “The Sheep and the Goats;” however I feel that displaces the focus on this passage from serving others for God’s glory to being identified in the right column. The truth is, we all have goaty moments and we all have sheepy moments. That’s why we need Jesus. When Jesus is working in your heart, you will become more like a sheep and long for God’s glory.

God is everywhere and we are made in His image (as we read in yesterday’s Genesis verses). We should love and respect one another on that basis. So, share a meal with a homeless person today. Learn who they are and brighten their day.

And since I know a few people are going to look at me and whine and say, “I don’t wanna,” CITA Rescue Mission is a great organization to donate to. I would much rather you participate, but if you’re not going to do anything, then donating is just fine.

Recommended reading: Matthew 25:31-40


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