The List

It’s been 10 days since I posted the intro. In 10 days, I have poured over scripture in praying over what the first 23 days of 2016 will bring to all of us. Writing these devotional challenges has challenged my writing skills, knowledge of scripture, and challenged me personally, so I am very excited for what’s to come.

As a preview of what’s to come, here’s the list of challenges to go through every day:

January 1st: A fresh start. Call someone and apologize to them today.

January 2nd: Reconciliation. Forgive someone that maybe hasn’t apologized to you, but you’re still holding on to that hurt.

January 3rd: Feed the hungry. Donate to a food drive. Brevard residents: there is a food pantry at Eau Gallie High School for the homeless students that are enrolled. Today is Northside Presbyterian Church’s last day of their food drive for the pantry. Please stop by the church office with items to donate.

January 4th: Comforter. Give comfort and pray for peace in the life of someone you know who may be hurting.

January 5th: A Random Act of Kindness. Do something unexpected for a hard worker in your life.

January 6th: Clothe the naked. Donate clothes to a shelter.

January 7th: Go a day without eating and donate the money you would have spent on food to a shelter. If you can’t think of any, Blood:Water Mission is a great organization that works against AIDS in Africa.

January 8th: Thank your parents for their sacrifices to bring you where you are today.

January 9th: Thank your grandparents for the sacrifices they made to bring you and your parents where you are today.

January 10th: Senior Citizens Day! Hang out with someone a little bit older today.

January 11th: Be spontaneous. Go out with some friends and try something new.

January 12th (My birthday!): Fight against slavery! Donate to IJM.

January 13th: Washing feet. Wash the feet of someone valuable in your life (parent, spouse, or pastor)

January 14th: Beautiful words. Compliment someone today. Be honest and mean it.

January 15th: Pay it forward. Pay for someone behind you in the drive thru, at the grocery store, or at the gas station.

January 16th: Build a home. Volunteer to work with Habitat for Humanity. Ft. Myers/SWFL residents: I’m going to be in town visiting some friends and I’m working on getting a group together to serve with Habitat. If you would like to join, let me know and I’ll get some information to you.

January 17th Share a Meal With (Day 1 of 4) your best friend.

January 18th Share a Meal With (Day 2) a homeless person.

January 19th Share a Meal With (Day 3) a coworker.

January 20th Share a meal with (Day 4) someone new.

January 21st: Prisoners. Write to someone who is in prison. If you would like more information on how to make that happen, visit the blog today.

January 22nd: Do something outside to serve someone else.

January 23rd: Give someone a hug.


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